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Chinese export porcelain.

Pair of French armorial plates (diameter : 22,6cm).
Qianlong Period, circa 1765.


     Each plate is decorated with a garland of flowers around the border, while the cavetto is painted with four small bouquets of flowers surrounded by a gilt chain.
     In the centre there are the arms of Philippe-Vincent ROGER (Nantes 1737–Paris 1794), Seigneur de LA MOUCHETIÈRE. He was conseiller to the King, and in 1762 was appointed Lieutenant-General of the Admiralty of Nantes. He later became Colonel of the town militia, and Mayor of Nantes from 1770 to 1772. During the French Revolution, he was among the hundred thirty-two people from Nantes imprisoned at the Conciergerie in Paris, where he died in 1794.
     In 1765, he married Rose-Eulalie de MONTAUDOIN de LAUNAY, daughter of Thomas conseiller secrétaire to the King and Lieutenant-Colonel of the town militia in Nantes. She was one of Jean-Gabriel de MONTAUDOIN’s sisters, a renowned merchant in Nantes. He had befriended VOLTAIRE and ROUSSEAU, and was a member of different academies of literature, science, and agriculture in Paris and in La Rochelle. One of her sisters, Elisabeth-Geneviève married Pierre-Antoine ESPIVENT de LA VILLESBOINET who also ordered a service in China with their arms on it.


Provenance: Private collection, France.
Condition: Perfect.
Price: on request at the gallery.


Bibliography: A. Lebel, French and Swiss armorials on Chinese export porcelain in the 18th century, the author, 2009, p. 130.