Chinese export porcelain.

Pair of salts (width: 9,2cm).
Qianlong period, circa 1770.


     The shape, with an insert, is very rare; it imitates silver models of the 18th century which had inserts either in blue glass or crystal,
     The outside is decorated with a gilt border and geometrical designs, while the inside is painted with a flower garland, and in the centre the arms of Hector Livius VAN ALTENA (1741 - 1806), barrister at the court of Frieseland, then auctioneer. He had to flee Holland for political reasons and found refuge in France. When he came back home in 1795 he becamae part of the Parliament. In 1768 he married. En 1768 il épousa Albertina PIERSON (1745 - 1803).


Provenance: Private collection, Belgium.
Condfition: Perfect, except for light gilt wear; on one insert there was large chip with an ensuing crack that are now repaired and consolidated, and have become invisible.
Price: On request at the gallery.


Bibliography: J. Kroes, Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market, 2007, p. 373.

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